MHSAA Mobile Web and Mobile App

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Fans looking to feed their insatiable appetite for scores and schedules of their favorite teams and MHSAA Tournament results will love what the MHSAA brings to the table in time for the 2011-12 school year.The MHSAA is among the first high school associations in the country to offer a mobile app to its varied constituents.  Launched this summer,   the free  MHSAA Mobile App can be downloaded from the Apple App StoreAndroid Market or Blackberry websites. Just search for “MHSAA”. 

While the app offers all the functionality that administrators, officials and coaches enjoy when visiting, it’s the ability to customize scores and schedules that really spices up this app. Using iPhones or Androids, users can select their favorite schools and sports to receive schedules and scores, or help the MHSAA by submitting information for your school. Take a wrong turn on your way to an away game? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well.  Using the school information and maps features of the Mobile App, you can look up school information such as school address and phone numbers.  You can even download a Google map, with turn-by-turn directions to the school.   With the MHSAA Mobile App you’ll never be late to a game again. The July 2011 issue of Associations Now explores the use of mobile apps for organizations and preferences of their members. A poll revealed that 67 percent of respondents prefer a mobile application over a mobile website when it comes to functionality. The MHSAA now has both, so members can choose which platform they wish to use on their hand-held devices.  As mentioned, athletic directors, school personnel and officials can still gain access to additional information such as coaches names and internal school phone numbers.  Simply configure the Mobile App with your password, using the “My Settings” tab, to gain access to the administrative  features. Among nonprofit organizations, the Associations Now survey revealed that 59 percent of users like to receive important organizational updates. When logged in to the MHSAA Mobile App, members will be greeted with their personal dashboard displaying important messages and information. 

Do you have a lot of teams to keep track of?  The MHSAA Mobile App also links to your account, where you can group your favorite teams using the “My Teams” feature.  Using “My Teams” puts favorite teams at your fingertips so you will always know what’s happening with those teams.

The Mobile App’s “MHSAA Connect” feature provides a direct link to the MHSAA’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel. This feature falls in line with the growing trend favoring apps over websites to deliver social media content. According the the Associations Now survey, 62 percent of people within associations prefer the mobile delivery method for social media.  In addition to “MHSAA Connect,” the Mobile App also provides quick access to Jack Roberts’ “From the Director” blog , and MHSAA press releases.  Fans and media alike will find these features enjoyable and informative.